Live Painting

Live Painting 

“Caitlin did a live painting at our wedding this past June. I am a wedding photographer and my husband is a wedding videographer so we have been to many weddings. We both decided that we wanted something completely different. The ceremony took place on the river, and on the side, under a live oak, Caitlin painted a picture of the entire ceremony. It was everyones favorite part of the wedding. The painting hangs in the living room. Every time we walk past it, we are reminded of that beautiful day.”

Carmen Coblentz

What is “live painting”?
Live painting is a type of art where an artist creates a painting before a group of people in a segmented amount of time. The artist can perform alone on a stage or compliment another performer or event off to the side. I choose to compliment others’ performances or events. Click here to see it in action!

Why would I want to have a live painting at my event?
A live painter begins with a blank canvas, and people get to see a beautiful piece of art unfold! It’s different, dynamic, and inspiring! My aim is to compliment and enhance the heart of what is going on. Depending on the event, the live painting will add energy to the crowd, add meaning to a special day, or add understanding to a message.

At what kind of event can you do a live painting?
There is no limit! Concerts, church services, fundraisers, parties, school functions, public speakers, conferences, weddings, memorial services, art shows, and other gatherings.

How do I book a live painting for my event?
Contact me for availability.

What size paintings do you do?
Typically, they are in the 36″x48″, 30″x40″ or 24″x48″ range. However size can be negotiated. Consider when determining the size:

  1. Where is it going to be hung most likely?
  2. If you are going to sell it for fundraising, how much are you trying to raise from its sale? What is the likelihood someone will purchase a large piece?

How does it work when you come?
I will work with you step by step in preparation for your event. When I come, I bring everything that I need to do the painting. You tell me where to go. Your space will be well protected from paint with drop clothes and plastic.

What happens to the piece of art that is created?
The art is yours!! You get to hang it up on your wall or auction it off for fundraising purposes. It is up to you. When the painting is dry, it will be ready for hanging!